Adding a “Getting It Done” day to increase your Productivity!!!

We found this outstanding article by Laura Gaskill, and thought, with the New Year now upon us, we had to share!!!

“You know all those niggling little tasks that have been hanging out on your to-do list for months or possibly years? Imagine how good it would feel to kick off the new year by checking a whole bunch of those little items off your list in a single day. Start 2018 off on a high note with a “get it done” day. Read on for the how-to, and then tell us what would be on your list.

1. Do a home walk-through and make your list. From the porch light that burned out to the junk that needs to be removed from the garage, write it all down.

Once you have everything recorded, go back through your list, item by item, and make note of which tasks you can tackle today and which you’ll need to budget time for in the future.

2. Schedule small repairs you’ve been putting off. Leaky faucets, running toilets and electrical issues can cause bigger problems down the road, so it’s important to take action.

Call to schedule a plumber or electrician, and mark the date on your calendar.

3. Order specialty bulbs and parts. Get a step ahead by tracking down and ordering those special lightbulbs, water filters and vacuum parts before you need them. Then write down all of the information in one place so you can easily find it next time.

4. Call to schedule regular home maintenance appointments. You know you should have the chimney cleaned and the HVAC system inspected annually, but it’s sometimes hard to remember to do it. Make things easier on yourself by scheduling these services now for later in the year.

5. Finally drop off your knives for a professional sharpening. Once the list-making and phone calls are finished, it’s errand time. If you can’t recall the last time you had your kitchen knives professionally sharpened, make that your first stop. Check the next few items off your list, and the knives should be done and ready to pick up before you head back home.

6. Donate a box of old clothes.Load up a box of clothes you no longer love, and drop it off while you’re doing errands. Clothes in good condition can be donated or sold; clothes that have seen better days can go in a textile recycling bin.

7. Drop off old paint and other environmental hazards. Often we put off getting rid of things like old paint and e-waste simply because we haven’t taken the time to find out where they should go! Make this the day you find out, and get those items out of your home or garage. Try the Electronics Takeback Campaign or the EPA’s eCycling websitefor electronic items, and for other items.

8. Hang up a shelf, hook or picture. Once you’re back home, see if there are any small jobs you could check off your list in an hour or less. For example, you might be able to fill a few small holes, touch up paint, hang hooks in the hallway or put up a picture you’ve been meaning to hang.

9. Tackle a quick decluttering project. Pick one small area you’ve been wanting to declutter, set a timer for 15 minutes and get to work. Tackling even a tiny project like decluttering your makeup bag or fridge door condiments can make you feel quite accomplished.

10. Reward yourself. It’s been a long day, and you deserve a treat! Pick up some fresh flowers for your home and a tasty treat for yourself, and then kick back and relax in your refreshed space.”

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