Sell My House Fast !

Heritage Park Realty gets asked the question, “How Can You Sell My House Fast?”

There are several items that come into play with this, that we will work with you to do everything we can to have your home sell fast and get the best price possible.

Here are some things for you to consider when you are wanting to put your home on the market and want it to sell fast:

  1. Setting the Price– See the article on our website for more information regarding this.
  2. Need to have an excellent first impression, with that:
    • Be sure the lawn is well taken care of.
    • Update any landscaping so that the home has Great curb appeal.
    • Trim trees and bushes if hanging over driveway, sidewalk, windows or doors.
    • If any chipping paint or broken windows or a faded paint on the front door, fix or correct these things.
    • Update the interior of the home to the current market style conditions. Use a neutral paint, with an open welcoming feel.
    • Stage your home– see full article on this on our website
    • Declutter and clean your home including the closets, and countertops. You want your home to look as large as possible and as though there is plenty of storage, cupboards, and counter tops. Don’t forget to clean the windows where the sun shines in, the tub/shower and the ceiling fans where dust likes to collect.
  3. Allow your property to be easily shown.
    • You will need to remember that a notice will always try to be given, however, you must also be ready for a showing with little or no notice given. Stay Flexible with this as the more people that see the home the better the opportunities to have offers come in.
    • Have the house smelling nice when a showing is about to take place. The old saying bake some cookies- really is a great idea!
    • If you have pets, if possible remove them from the property when a showing will be taking place, or at least have them put away. Be sure to put away any litter boxes, water, and food dishes from the pets.
    • If possible leave the home when it will be shown, helps so that buyers can feel free to move about the home and not feel uncomfortable having the owners there.
  4. We as your Broker/Realtor will be sure to have your listing listed on as many online portals as possible including social media, as well as advertise other places as needed, including doing an open house if you so desire.
  5. We will be sure to get good photos and many of them to put on MLS and other online portals as most home buyers search online first to decide which homes they want to see, so the more pictures that portray your home the better.
  6. We will want to get information about your community or neighborhood so that these things can be highlighted within your listing. So be sure to tell us about the special things in your neighborhood.

We want it to be a WIN/WIN for everyone that is why we do everything we can to Sell Your House Fast!

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