Update your Laundry Room with these Styles!!!

If you’re looking to take your space from tired to inspired, these projects can offer inspiration…

Great article by Mitchell Parker on Houzz.com !!!


1. Whimsical

Designers: Carly Nemtean and Lauren Poetker of Carriage Lane Design-Build 
Location: Toronto
Size: 32 square feet (2.9 square meters); 4 by 8 feet (1.2 by 2.4 meters)

Homeowners’ request. Create a new laundry space — with a sink, hanging racks, storage and a sink — after incorporating the existing laundry room into a new addition.

Style. “The laundry space is, above all else, whimsical,” designer Carly Nemtean says. “We kept the cabinetry and counters clean and simple but installed a fun fig wallpaper that is oversized in pattern so it shines.”

Special features. Sliding pocket doors that close off the area. Rod for hanging and drying clothes. Lots of storage for cleaning supplies. “It’s a flexible space that is incorporated into the walls and niches so that every space is usable,” Nemtean says.

Designer secret. “I feel that all spaces need to add that touch of whimsy to make it original,” Nemtean says.

“Uh-oh” moment. “Creating the laundry room in this space was the easy part,” Nemtean says. “Figuring out how we were going to conceal it, and how that would function with ease, was difficult. We came up with many ideas but no good solutions until we put our heads together and took advantage of the space around. By utilizing a neighboring room, we created a pocket in the wall so that all panels can slide in when the space is being used. We created a ridge on the floor so that the doors stayed in line when closed as well.”

2. ‘Colorful Rustic’

Designer: Ana Donohue
Location: Park City, Utah

Homeowners’ request. For this new-build home, the homeowners wanted a bold, bright color palette. “The trick to this design, and the design throughout the house, was marrying the surroundings of mountains and natural feel with the bold color direction they wanted to go [in],” designer Ana Donohue says.

Style. “I would call this style ‘colorful rustic,’ since it includes the iron-and-glass sliding doors and the lacquer blue cabinets mixed with the floral wallpaper and bright colors,” Donohue says.

Special features. Blue cabinets. Double washers and dryers. Sliding glass upper panels. Black Pearl brushed granite countertops. Adjacent gift-wrapping room.

Designer secret. “Treat your laundry room like any other major room,” Donohue says. “It is a room that is used all the time and should be a place you would want to spend some time in.”

3. Rustic Farmhouse-Cottage

Designer: Jami Meek
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Size: 68 square feet (6.3 square meters)

Homeowners’ request. Replace a drab laundry room with something more cottage-like.

Style. Farmhouse and rustic cottage, designer Jami Meek says.

Special features. Warm gray walls. Barn wood shelving and wall planks. Beadboard ceiling. Bamboo blinds. Baskets and large Mason jars on open shelving.

Designer secret. “Use barn wood and other wood tones to warm up a space,” Meek says.

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